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A child,12 years old consults with you for brownish discoloration of fluorosis on his permanent molars, but primary molars did not show this. What could be the reason that primary dentintion did not show fluorosis?


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A. Primary dentition calcifies in less time
B. Child uses high fluoride toothpaste after eruption of molars
C. Fluoride is filtered by mother's placenta
D. A and C
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Correct Answer : D. A and C

For exam, please read the question very well and answer accordingly as this question can be asked in a different way. Fluorosis is less severe in primary teeth as placenta acts as a partial barrier to fluoride. Most fluoride in a tooth?s outer enamel layer is deposited during enamel mineralization period just before birth/eruption, but because of the barrier-> low fluoride levels. Additionally, the maturation period in primary teeth lasts only 1 to 2 years where as 4 to 5 years is permanent teeth. Fluorosis is seen when water fluoride levels are higher than 3 ppm. Fluoride intake after the age of 8 cannot cause fluorosis. Excess fluoride gets deposited in the bones.


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